How It Works


Today’s solar technology has seen dramatic improvements in reliability and ease of use. Unlike systems of the past that used batteries, modern solar technology connects directly to your property’s electrical system and provides the same kind of power you’d normally get from the grid. Think of it as your own little power company. You’ll still keep your connection to the utility lines and receive a monthly bill but you won’t have to buy as much or any utility power. In fact, at times when the solar system produces more power than your property needs, the extra electricity will flow out to the grid, spinning your utility meter backwards and building a credit in your account.


You don’t need to convert to special appliances or wiring. All the appliances you already have will operate normally. There’s nothing to maintain or operate. It all runs automatically in the background.


Panels can be mounted to your roof either by bolting them down or by holding them down with weight (without penetrations in roof membrane).


Our installation  work is warranted for 5 years and the panels are warranted for 25.



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